Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Steamboat x2

Another quick update....

We made it from Rocky Mountain National Park to Steamboat Springs in a few days (saw three bears and a fox, but more to follow) then set off to Rawlins, Wyoming.  After a few days into that section Sara started having severe stomach issues for the second time in a few weeks.  We were able to hitch back to Steamboat and get to a doctor, where we just found out that she has giardia.  We have been here for two nights now and are planning on resuming from Steamboat tomorrow morning with some great medication.  More details to follow!

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  1. Get better Sara! I am enjoying your journey. I started my summer of adventures up in Montana and saw a ton of the Tour Divide guys passing, and then saw them in Wyoming when I was climbing in the Wind River Range and Colorado when I was near Brekenridge - Have y'all seen them? Be well and have happy journeys!