Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pagosa Springs

Quick update from Colorado...

Sara crossing a snow field
Porcupine chose too small of a tree
We had to take a couple days off trail at Wolf Creek Pass to let Sara's plague heal.  We had a beautiful section of hiking between Chama and Wolf Creek Pass with lots of high, high places, windy conditions and epic snow-chute crossings.  Our lowest campsite was 10,747'.  One day we dropped down to a pass at 11,600.'  Sara had picked up a bug at Ghost Ranch we think that kept getting worse.  We took an extra half day at Chama, but that did not kill it.  This last section, trying to hike with a stuffy nose and phlegm filled lungs all above 10,000', did not go to comfortably for her, but we got some good stuff prescribed today and will hopefully be back on the trail in the morning.  We should take just over four days to get to Silverton where we will meet up with our friends Jack and Kate who will join us for a two and one weeks respectively.  Mountains are awesome!

Looking back on the mountains we crossed
 Happy Trails!

-Track and Field

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  1. Feel better coach!!! Miss you both!! I
    hope you're both having lots of fun!
    Lots of love,
    Stormmy :))